About us

SHC Consultancy was born from the devastating impact that COVID-19 had on the Tourism and Leisure industry across Australia, with the founder, Sean Hodges-Colavitto experiencing the repercussions of nation-wide lock downs, first hand. It wasn't long before it became apparent that whilst the industry would bounce back (as it had in the past), it would take significant time before operations and cash flow would return to pre-COVID levels. From this, Sean made it his mission to find a way to be able to provide expertise and guidance to businesses in a cost effective manner to help them recover as quickly as possible and seek new opportunities.

SHCC offers a range of services (each catering to specific disciplines) and we work with a wide range of businesses from around Australia and across the tourism and leisure space including:

  • Accommodation

  • Food and beverage providers

  • Tour operators

  • Day spas

  • Golf courses

  • Event spaces

  • Attractions

  • Education providers

  • And more!

We are here to help small and medium sized businesses achieve their goals, grow profits, hit targets and increase productivity; our aim is to assist in the most effective way by customising every service to suit the needs of each individual business.

The Mission

To provide cost effective, strategic support and advice to small to medium sized enterprises operating in the Tourism and Leisure industry.

The Vision

To be recognised as a lead consultant in the Tourism and Leisure industry across Australia.

The Face

Sean Hodges-Colavitto

Tourism Management Professional


Sean has over 15 years of experience in the Tourism and Leisure industry working with businesses from cafes and restaurants to large resorts and boutique hotels.


During his career he has gained significant experience in business operations including, marketing, sales, reservations, front office and administration, revenue management, food and beverage, customer service, systems integrations and general management.

Sean also has a background in public speaking and acting which makes him a fantastic and engaging presenter in both a formal and casual setting.


  • Bachelor of Tourism Management

  • Certificate of Hotel Revenue Management

  • Certificate III Hospitality Operations

  • Certificate III Micro Business Operations


  • Board of Directors (Company Secretary) - GALTA

  • Salute to Excellence Judge (2015-2017) - QTIC