SHC Consultancy provides a range of services across multiple disciplines or "Critical Pillars" that are common to most tourism and leisure based businesses. We pride ourselves on providing a unique and tailored approach based on your businesses needs and goals.


All those jobs you're meaning to get to, but somehow never quite find the time to... Let SHC Consultancy change that for you today.


We can provide customised training solution for you and your staff across several Critical Pillars, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to tackle your next objective.

EDU Presentations

Engage your students in a unique way; hear the truths of business, employment and tourism from those who have first hand experience.

Public Speaking

Master of Ceremonies, guest speaker and representation, SHC Consultancy creates customised content to suit your event or function.

Systems Integration

Tech based solutions will add value to your business but it can be time consuming to find the right one.

Temp Hire

Do you have a skills gap that needs filling? SHC Consultancy may be able to assist with temporary hire solutions.